A Close Look at a Fashion Supply Chain Is Not Pretty

TAL Apparel is one of the most powerful companies in the global fashion supply chain that many consumers have never… heard of. Its factories make huge numbers of shirts — particularly for men — for brands including Brooks Brothers, Bonobos and LL Bean. In fact, TAL Apparel claims it makes one in six dress shirts […]

The Dark Secrets Lurking Inside Your Outdoor Gear

Reports of unfair labor practices in the apparel industry seem to come with depressing regularity, and most recently, they’ve involved… some prominent outdoor gear brands. In late June, a nonprofit called Transparentem released a report alleging abuse, including physical force and forced labor, at Malaysian factories that supply brands like Nike and Under Armour. Then, […]

Transparentem Exposes Environmental and Human Rights Abuses of Fashion Industry

Operating a trillion-dollar market worldwide, the fashion industry has been linked to significant environmental and human rights abuses – generating… unprecedented pollution, employing people and children under conditions akin to slavery, and exacerbating a culture of mindless and highly damaging consumerism.  

Human Rights Due Diligence in Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sector

An investigation by non–profit Transparentem found serious labour abuses at five apparel factories in Malaysia, where hundreds of migrant workers… had paid illegal recruitment fees, ranging from RM 3,109 up to RM 18,182 (GBP 596 –3,489), sometimes exceeding one year’s salary. Four of the factories investigated also commonly retained workers’ passports and other documents, practices […]

Breaking The Chain

It’s difficult to face the reality that there are 40 million people living in slavery throughout the world. That’s more… enslaved people today than in 1860, the date at which most Americans believe the practice to have been at its peak, soon to be ended with slavery’s official abolition in the US.

Buyers Act on Discreet Approach to Malaysia Labour Abuses

Buyers have taken action in Malaysia after an 18-month investigation conducted by non-profit Transparentem uncovered evidence that some garment workers… making clothes for major retailers in the Asian country were working in conditions that included indicators of forced labour.

Forced Labour Investigation Drives Change

An investigation conducted into the working conditions of Malaysian garment workers by US NGO Transparentem has uncovered evidence that some… employees manufacturing clothes for major retailers were working in conditions which included forced labour.