Simran Sachdev

Simran conducts research on human rights due diligence, supply chain legislation, and how engagement with investors and governments can improve conditions for workers. She also leads the Strategic Engagement team’s monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Prior to joining Transparentem, Simran worked in the international human rights space across multiple organizations in India, Palestine, Serbia, and the United States. As Senior Program Officer at Nazdeek, she researched labor rights violations of tea plantation workers in South Asia and conducted related advocacy by centering workers’ voices and demands. Simran also worked with Physicians for Human Rights, spearheading their digital communications and advocacy on human rights violations around the world. She holds additional expertise in program management and monitoring and evaluation, and has written for multiple publications. She is dedicated to upholding human rights for all communities.

Simran earned an M.S. in Global Affairs, with a concentration in human rights and humanitarian assistance, and a B.S. in Communication Studies, both from New York University.