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Transparentem envisions a sustainable world that is just and equitable for all workers and their communities.

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Transparentem transforms industries by allying with workers and communities to uncover abuses in global supply chains and drive labor and environmental justice.

Our in-depth investigations reveal evidence of endemic exploitation—child and forced labor, severe pollution and environmental degradation, and gender-based violence—at all tiers of the supply chain. We then bring our findings to companies, pushing them to play a critical role in the immediate and long-term remediation of abuses at the worksites where they source their products. Through our engagements with brands, policymakers, regulators, investors, and activists, we catalyze fundamental improvements to policy and practice and ensure tangible justice is brought to some of the world’s most marginalized populations.

We are philanthropically funded by foundations and individuals and tax-exempt in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The photos included on this website are solely illustrative and do not represent any specific company, person, or group of people discussed on the site.

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Latest Reports & Projects

“I Came Here with So Many Dreams”: Labor Rights Abuses & the Need for Change in Mauritius’ Apparel Factories
Overview Ahmed* (a pseudonym), a Bangladeshi migrant worker, regretted his decision to leave his home country for R.E.A.L Garments, an apparel manufacturer in Mauritius. He borrowed a substantial sum—$2,300—to pay the recruitment fees and related costs his agent charged him. After he arrived in Mauritius, he earned substantially less than his agent had promised, and it took him years to...
Varied Responses from Companies Implicated in Transparentem’s Third Investigation in Malaysia; More Work to be Done
In late 2019, Transparentem began its third investigation into labor abuses in Malaysia’s garment industry. In this investigation, Transparentem interviewed around 45 migrant workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, and Indonesia across three garment manufacturers. As in its earlier projects, Transparentem found that workers at the three investigated factories experienced abuses including possible debt bondage related to the payment of recruitment fees,...
Special Projects
Hidden Harm: Audit Deception in Apparel Supply Chains and the Urgent Case for Reform
Social audits, whether conducted by buyer representatives, third-party certifiers, or other independent groups, are a crucial tool for apparel companies seeking to monitor on-the-ground conditions at distant supplier factories. These audits are high-risk undertakings for suppliers: findings of violations can spur buyers to intensify oversight or terminate a business relationship altogether. Suppliers therefore have a strong incentive to ensure they...

Latest News

At the 2024 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Forum, Transparentem hosted a side...
Major fashion brands including Barbour and PVH (the owner of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger)...
Fashion Brands to Compensate Garment Workers in Mauritius: Leading fashion brands, including Barbour and PVH,...
MAURITIUS – Leading brands including PVH, which owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, have agreed...

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