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A catalyst for systemic change, Transparentem spurs companies to play a critical role in remediating abuses at the worksites where they source their products. Through in-depth investigations, strategic engagement with companies, and policy advocacy, we strive to drive change across entire industries.

We choose our areas of focus for the greatest impact, investigating endemic abuses—including child labor, forced labor, and gross environmental degradation—that affect the health and welfare of thousands of workers and their communities. Ultimately, through collective action and collaboration, we strive to fundamentally transform industry practices and bring real, tangible justice to some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

We are philanthropically funded by foundations and individuals and are tax exempt in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Mission and Vision

Transparentem transforms industries by allying with workers and communities to uncover abuses in global supply chains and drive labor and environmental justice.

We envision a sustainable world that is just and equitable for all workers and their communities.

Our Approach

Through in-depth investigations and strategic engagement with companies, we strive to use corporate leverage to drive change across entire industries. 

Transparentem by the Numbers

Meet Our Team

Transparentem’s diverse team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds, and operates in numerous countries.

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Annual Reports

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Our 990s, the annual financial form that we file with the United States Internal Revenue Service, are available for download below. For more information about how we use our donations, please see our Donate page.

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