Our Work

Below is an interactive map of all countries where Transparentem has conducted disclosed investigative projects.

Issues identified on the map do not represent all of Transparentem’s findings in a given country; please select a country to see full details of findings.
More information on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) forced labor indicators can be found here.


Since our founding in 2015, Transparentem has used our investigative model to reveal environmental and human rights abuses around the globe. Our projects have sparked progress for workers by prompting remediation of pervasive issues in apparel supply chains, including environmental degradation, forced labor, child labor, and other forms of worker exploitation. Through our novel approach to company engagement, our work has resulted in the reimbursement of recruitment-related fees, the return of withheld passports to thousands of migrant workers, expanded access to grievance channels to help workers advocate for themselves, improved living and working conditions, and enhanced company sourcing and human rights policies to improve conditions throughout companies’ supply chains.

Projects to Date