Dan Elkes

Dan Elkes works in the biotechnology industry as the Vice President of Portfolio and Program Management at Altos Labs.

Aruna Kashyap

Aruna Kashyap is the Associate Director in the Business and Human Rights division of Human Rights Watch.

Neha Misra

Neha Misra is the Global Lead for Migration and Human Trafficking at the Solidarity Center, the largest U.S.-based international worker rights organization. With over 20 years’ experience in the labor movement, Neha has managed labor migration, anti-human trafficking, trade union strengthening and democracy programs around the world. Before joining the Solidarity Center, she worked in […]

Dan Viederman

Dan Viederman is a Managing Director at the Working Capital Fund, focused on efforts to engage and invest in entrepreneurs and tech innovators in pursuit of new tools to scale improvements for vulnerable workers in global supply chains. Previously, Dan was CEO of Verité, a leading non-profit organization working against global forced and child labor through […]

Kyle Wright

Kyle Wright is CEO of Stardust, a forward-thinking family office in Houston and New York City.  For more than a decade, Kyle has supported the multidisciplinary effort at Stardust to integrate and reimagine the use of philanthropy, art, advocacy, and investment capital for a more equitable future. He has worked with dozens of partners to […]