Mauritius: Transparentem investigation prompts buyer remediation & compensation for migrant workers at garment factories supplying major apparel brands

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After a two year investigation into conditions for workers at five factories in Mauritius, Transparentem has published its findings and results of its engagement with apparel brands, prompting remediation and compensation for migrant workers who suffered a litany of labour rights abuses. Almost 100 garment workers from Bangladesh were interviewed in total for the investigation. At DDI, Firemount companies and R.E.A.L. Garments, workers reported experiencing working conditions including several indicators of forced labour: recruitment fee-charging, deception, abusive working and/ or living conditions, intimidation and threats, abuse of vulnerability, audit deception and deficiencies, and inadequate response to grievances. Workers at Aquarelle also reported paying high recruitment fees for work. Other potential issues including restrictions on sick leave, incorrect pay and lack of freedom of association were also identified.

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