Anthony DiPreta

Anthony investigates corporate supply chains and structures, in addition to conducting human rights and environmental due diligence research and analysis.

Dr. Lalanath de Silva

Dr. Lalanath de Silva leads Transparentem’s Investigations and Strategic Engagement teams. He is responsible for developing and implementing organizational strategy on environmental justice, building capacity, and achieving programmatic outcomes.

Aruna Kashyap

Aruna Kashyap is the Associate Director in the Business and Human Rights division of Human Rights Watch.

Claudia Baethgen

Claudia plans and coordinates investigations, analyzes data, conducts research, and writes reports on labor and environmental violations in global supply chains.

Samantha Rudick

Samantha develops strategies and works with partners for the remediation of human and labor rights violations in global supply chains.

Daniel Cohn

Daniel serves as Chief of Staff to the President, supports the Board of Directors, and oversees Transparentem’s global partnerships, finance, and operations.

Tom MacMillan

Tom leads Transparentem’s supply chain investigations, spearheads data analysis and research, and develops and drafts Transparentem’s reports.

Jonathan Mead

Jonathan directs Transparentem’s investigative portfolio, develops and executes programmatic strategy, manages a global team, and serves as subject matter expert on environmental issues.

Luke Olynyk

Luke oversees Transparentem’s grants and monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that funders are effectively and regularly informed regarding organizational performance and project progress.

Neha Misra

Neha Misra is the Global Lead for Migration and Human Trafficking at the Solidarity Center, the largest U.S.-based international worker rights organization. With over 20 years’ experience in the labor movement, Neha has managed labor migration, anti-human trafficking, trade union strengthening and democracy programs around the world. Before joining the Solidarity Center, she worked in […]