Ben Skinner Speaks at the 2022 Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards have become a critical tool for investors, employees, and customers to hold companies accountable for sustainability and social responsibility. They indicate the strength of a company’s management and probability of long-term financial success, and companies have an incentive to bolster their performance on these metrics. However, there is often uncertainty around how, in practice, we measure corporate social responsibility–the ‘S’ in ESG. Amid this uncertainty, organizations continue to look for tools and resources that can make them more effective.

Watch our Founder and President, Ben Skinner, discuss Transparentem’s unique investigative model path to impact—and how we all can make greater progress on the ’S’ in ESG—at the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2022 Meeting.

Go to 00:41:00 for the panel discussion.

Along with other distinguished panelists—Elizabeth A. Vazquez, Co-Founder and CEO of WEConnect International; Matthew Richard Bishop, Visiting Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute; and Dr. Diane Osgood, Founder of Osgood Consulting & Carbon Almanac—Ben discusses our work driving progress on the ’S’ in ESG, calling on those with the power to transform industries to take action. To effect real change, companies can and must:

  1. Ensure efforts go beyond greenwashing and public relations. Progress towards a sustainable and ethical supply chain cannot stop at a press release.
  2. Map supply chains beyond the first tier. Human rights must be protected at every tier of production, which is only possible when those tiers are fully known.
  3. Conduct effective, third-party social audits and widely share the findings.

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